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Exhibition Design

City Gates,






City Gates


Bjorn Bongailas
Brendon Galea



The City Gate Exhibition took place in Blitz Art Gallery in Valletta. The exhibition was aimed to enhance the user about the development and changes done trough time on the Valletta city gate over time.

On the first floor one can find the models with posters which welcomes the visitors while giving them an intimidate clear idea of how the gates developed. All the five models were placed in a chronological order starting form the first gate ending with the current gate. This helps the user to remember the gates after each other. By incorporating some graphics with the stand it helps to make the visitors to gather even more information including when it was build and also how long it served.

On the second floor a souvenir shop was included this helps the commercial side of the exhibition while also helps the visitor to have some thing to remind him of the experience, a cinema was also included and an interactive area where one can easily find any other information, apart from that an other room was dedicated for images were found from the time they were built and placed together in chronological order.

City Gate
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